READ BEFORE POSTING: Rules for selling

-Listings marked as “Add a Classified listing” must be given a specific price in $US. If you are flexible on the price and want to let people make offers, choose (add a Product to send hidden offer Price Requests)

-For selling vehicle please make sure to include this 6 picture - vehicle both sides, vehicle front, vehicle rear, vehicle engine bay, vehicle interior not providing this picture ad post will be rejected

-The vehicle for sale must be listed individually. This allows people to search the classified ads listings by make, price, etc.

-Make sure your post in the right category it not it will be rejected automatically so make sure to post in the right category if you want maximum exposure for your listing.

-The vehicle which can only be purchased through a third-party website is prohibited. you must be the owner or dealer our you manage the site

-Multiple ads for the same item are not permitted. you will get 3 warning after that your ban 

-We do not accept ads requesting sale or trade of illegal items.

-some categories include custom field if you don't know  add an (N/A)

-“Baiting” (advertising one price and then increasing the price upon inquiry) will not be tolerated.

-You may post a classified ad for a vehicle that is posted for sale on another website (such as eBay or a website you manage), as long as your listing conforms to the classified system rules listed here.

-Editing your classified ad is prohibited once it has been sold or traded. Ads need to be preserved in their original state to provide a record of your communication.

-Ad titles should be written in title case (the first letter of each word capitalized). ALL UPPERCASE titles or phrases like “PRICE DROP” are not permitted.

-posting spam will not be tolerated we will ban you for good

-adding your phone number to the listing is not allow we want to keep the communication in Fiebre USA for security reason if you want to show your phone number add it  in your profile and click show your phone number

-Prohibited Items/Services

Illegal prescription or recreational drugs;

Tobacco items and related paraphernalia; Weapons, ammunition or explosives;

Stolen items

Human remains or human body part

Adult items or services;


Prohibited military/police items

Real money gambling services;

Products/services that we determine may be or are fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or offensive;

Networking business and pyramid program

Items or products with overtly sexualized positioning;

Subscriptions, digital products, or adverts without any intent to sell items, products, or services on Marketplace;

Products or items that facilitate or encourage unauthorized access to digital media.

All Products and services prohibited by law for sale

Classified ads that violate our rules and terms of conditions will be deleted and Ban Protection Status