Billing Policy

Our Featured Ad Service is aimed at users who want their ads to get to a wider range of buyers such that they get up to 20x more clients for their ads than usual. Their Ads are placed on strategic and conspicuous sections of the site, having the label ‘Featured Ad’ on the picture(s) of the ad. For more detail about Featured Ad Service and its packages, Sign in to your Dashboard to see the Packages of the Featured Services.

To make an order for Featured Ad, users shall make an order via packages section of the dashboard of their account

1. A fee may be charged for Featured Ad. The user is responsible for the content posted and compliance with Terms of Use. The fee is non-refundable if the ad is removed for failing to comply with the Terms of Use and if the user deactivates the ad by himself

2. We do not automatically charge for a Featured Ad after its expiration. Users have to re-order for a new Featured Ad Service

3. The User can make payment via a Bankcard. In doing this, the User will be automatically redirected to the processor’s checkout page for entering of bank card details. Our payment
processor is PayPal

4. All Bankcard data entered by the User are transmitted to the payment processor via a security protocol (SSL) in line with the safety standards requirements. receives only information about your payment.

We reserve the right to alternate the costs of the Featured Ad Packages occasionally and to notify users at our own discretion.

For more information on the Billing Policy, please contact our support Department via Protection Status